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Thursday 05 April 2007


Hi Everybody!

I am going on a short hunting safari up to 14 April. Although connectivity will be limited, I am taking all my technological aids with me, and will try to update the posts from time to time in order to keep you up to date with our adventure from next to the campfire at night - you have to love the new technology!
For this safari, I have chosen an original bush veld venue on the Northwest border of South Africa, and Botswana, about 50km's North of Madikwe game reserve. Although it is a relatively short drive from Johannesburg on good tar roads (approx 3,5 hours drive), one can also charter a plane for a reasonable price (groups of 2 - 8) should you wish to save some time.
We will be staying in a camp with small chalets, and a boma for the evening campfire. Our host, Stephan Boshoff, (more about him a bit later - he definitely deserves a post all to himself!) can arrange catering but we are going 'rough it' a bit this time, and do our own catering. Look out for the first 'bush catering' post on this.

Game targeted on this trip will be Gnu (image), Warthog, Impala, Eland and Kudu. I plan to make game salami, - russians and biltong. The warthog is a great pork substitute in the salami. Game meat has no cholesterol and offers a healthy alternative for the committed carnivore that may be a bit worried about his heart.
Keep watching this space and I will try to post the next blog with a picture of Tony (and friends) doing their thing in the bush veld.
Have a great Easter weekend and if you absolutely have to be bad, be good...


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