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Monday 23 July 2007

Something Fishy - Part 2

The Sea Gypsy Café

A day or so after our disastrous first attempt at finding a decent piece of fish (see Something Fishy – Part 1) we again found ourselves in Mossel Bay over lunchtime. Steering well clear of The Point, I decided to go and take a look at the harbour region. From past experience I’ve found that there are normally very good fish shops, restaurants or at least a fish ‘take away’ at the fishing harbours themselves.

On this occasion we were handsomely rewarded by finding The Sea Gypsy Café.

Situated on the harbour wall in an unassuming building, with deck, this restaurant is perfectly situated to give one an unparalleled view over the bay. On the occasion when we visited we were also entertained by the antics of a few seals frolicking in the water right in front and below us.

Even though this little restaurant attracts a reasonable amount of tourists, it has still managed to retain its authentic atmosphere and is still frequented by the locals as well. This is definitely no ‘tourist trap,’ but the real deal!

They have quite a comprehensive menu, which includes a good selection of fresh seafood that is also well prepared and presented. Looking at the right hand column of the menu, I was also immediately struck by the very reasonable figures reflected there…

The staff are all friendly and the service was satisfactory.

I went for the fish and chips option and was impressed with the quality, size and price of the dish. Coupled with the mussels in a creamy garlic sauce as a starter and an ice cold white wine - I was in culinary heaven. A great piece of fresh hake that was well prepared at last!

The ambience, view and food makes this a definite stop for a meal (or just a few glasses of wine) if you are ever in the Mossel Bay area. Be sure to leave yourself enough time to spend! I can see myself easily squandering a whole afternoon here with a bottle of wine and some good company…

This was definitely one of the main dining highlights of our extended trip covering the Garden Route, and all the way to Cape Town.

This restaurant is also within easy walking distance of the Dias Museum Complex which is an absolute must when in Mossel Bay. Take a tour of the Museum and round it off with a memorable (and very affordable) visit to the Sea Gypsy Café afterward – a day well spent!
The Sea Gypsy gets a ‘two thumbs up’ from me and I will definitely always go back when in the area. Well done guys – it was a pleasure to visit you!


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