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Monday 24 September 2007

Hibiscus Coast

Kwazulu Natal boasts many fine holiday destinations and offers a whole variety of different types of nature to explore – from the Drakensberg Mountains, to the rolling hills of Zululand, to the fine subtropical coast line and warm ocean. There are also a lot of different nature conservation areas – I am personally convinced that KZN Wildlife and KZN Tourism are the most effective organisations of their kind in SA…

On a recent fact finding mission to the KwaZulu Natal South Coast, I was fortunate to spend a few great days again in an area where we used to spend summer holidays when I was still at school. The Hibiscus Coast used to be the main holiday destination for most of the South Africans that live inland. With the advent of the Cape Coast and Cape Town as the main coastal destination in SA, things have quietened down a fair bit in this very lush, balmy part of SA and I will advise any one with a bit of time on their hands to spend some time here on the SA East Coast.

For this post I will focus on the KZN South Coast (Hibiscus Coast) as to talk about the whole province will take ages.

The Beaches
The Hibiscus Coast offers a whole lot of fine, sandy beaches – too many to name really. A few of the better known ones are: Margate, Uvongo, Shelly Beach, Port Shepstone, Port Edward etc…

The Mozambique current that flows southwards down the Eastern Coast of SA ensures that the water temperature is pleasant right throughout the year. Surfers especially love this part of our coastline. Water temperatures vary between approx 20˚C in winter, to 25˚C+ in summertime. Combine this with long stretches of sandy beach, and you’re in for a beach holiday that you won’t soon forget!

Sardine Run
This is one of the main winter attractions on this part of the coast. Due to changes in the current (I am not going to give the full lecture explaining exactly why here – read all about it on The end result is that whales, dolphins, sharks and basically all the ocean animals that fancy a little sardine snack are found in abundance on this coast line. Conditions are ideal for whale/dolphin/shark watching, as well as scuba diving and fishing – a lovely winter getaway!

All you golfers out there – this is a real golfer’s paradise with a lot of world class golf courses dotting this part of the coast. To name a few: Wild Coast, San Lameer, Southbroom and Selborn Country Clubs. Here is a link to a site with more info re the golf courses: Golf Courses

Other Attractions
The Hibiscus Coast boasts many other attractions like cultural villages, flea markets (a lot of), a crocodile farm, coffee- and sugar cane plantations as well as a lot of good restaurants. There is also the Oribi Gorge, but this deserves a post all to itself…
Another fun day out is catching a ride on the Banana Express down the coastline.

Pistols Saloon
If you find yourself in the Ramsgate area – a visit to Pistols Saloon and Wild West Museum is an absolute must! This is a pub with a great atmosphere and do not be surprised if Huckleberry, the resident donkey, joins you in the restaurant for some quick refreshment…

From bright lights to complete silence – you will find it all on the Hibiscus Coast!


Anonymous said...

Hey Tony,

can you suggest good self-catering/b&b accommodation in Hibiscus Beach?

I am looking for something around the long weekend in May.

Tony said...

Hi Anonymous!

I would love to help you - I have a large amount of info on file here.

Please send an email with a bit more info regarding the size of your group, activities that you would like to be close to, preferred busdget range etc to
This will help me to ensure that you get the right info.



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